There are people all over the country of Ireland who enjoy gambling. From games like slot machines, roulette and poker, there is no shortage of options for Irish people to enjoy. 

Irish casinos have been attracting players all over the country for a very long time now. With great facilities in the likes of Dublin, Cork and Kerry, this can always be a viable option for players across the island. 

However, what a lot of people are not familiar with is the origins of betting and the history of casinos in Ireland. As a country with such rich overall history, casinos are no exception to this.

Origins of gambling in Ireland

Early indications of gambling date back over 2000 years between 110 BC and 60 AD. This dates back to the time where High King of Ireland Conaire Mór ruled. 

Back then, it was understood that the people of Ireland bet on the likes of chariot races. These races were held in Curragh, which is associated with horse breeding in the modern day. 

So it is safe to say that gambling has been a significantly popular pastime in Ireland for a long period of time.

Horse racing

Horse racing is a form of gambling that is commonly seen in Irish society in today’s world. However, its origins date all the way back to the 17th century, when England conquered Ireland. 

Horse racing was already a regular practice throughout England, meaning it was brought over and introduced by British citizens in Ireland. 

It is also a pastime that gained serious attraction and growth following its Irish introduction. 

By the mid 18th century, there were over 400 individual horse racing locations in Ireland. All of which were permitting gambling practices. 

Even to do this day, horse racing remains a very popular form of gambling across the country.

Sports betting

All across Ireland people are interested in sports betting. As well as this, it is significantly popular on a global scale. 

Sports betting began to become popular in the second half of the 20th century, stemming from the popularity of horse racing. This then meant that people were becoming more invested in various other sports, such as football and boxing. 

Ireland was not an exception when it came to citizens indulging in sports betting. In 1962, they even had to introduce a Betting Act in order to police illegal sports betting. 

Following this, sports betting began to gain more popularity in Ireland, with rugby being one of the most popular options for bettors.


First established in 1986, the Lottery is a relatively new way in which Irish people can gamble. However, it quickly gained popularity and attention across the island. 

It is understood that up to 40% of Irish adults have indulged in at least one of the games the lottery has to offer. This includes the likes of the EuroMillions, scratchcards and Lotto.

Casinos in Ireland

Casinos are a focal point for gambling in Ireland. With 6 unique family-run casinos, Premier Casinos is one of the best places for Irish people to play. 

With locations in the likes of Dublin, Cork and Kerry, there are plenty of options for people in Ireland. These are some of the most popular places to play for Irish people. 

There are many different casino games Ireland has to offer. This includes the likes of card games, roulette and slots.

Card games

It is understood that the first card games reached Europe around 1360, meaning they have been a fun pastime for people for over 650 years. Playing cards themselves were invested in China 300 years prior and have been used on a daily basis since. 

Card games that you can find in the casino can vary significantly and offer their own unique features. Some games that you might find in Irish casinos include the likes of Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack. 

Poker is understood to have been invented around 1829, while Baccarat is even older, being introduced in the 15th century. 

Blackjack is understood to have come out of France sometime around the year 1700. So all card games have significant history. 

Card game casinos Ireland have been popular since their introduction and will continue to grow in terms of active players.


Roulette is a very popular option in regard to casino games in Ireland. It is also a game that is believed to come out of France before reaching its way to The Emerald Isle. 

First evidence of games of roulette date all the way back to the 18th century, and it still continues to be a popular choice in Irish casinos to this day. 

If you want a great roulette experience, you can do so in Kerry, Cork or Dublin.


Slot machines are always a popular option for people looking to play in Irish casinos. Originating from San Francisco in 1894, they have developed and improved vastly over time without losing their charm. 

There are now so many options when it comes to slot machines that anyone can find that suits their style. 

At Premier Casinos, we have an array of options for you and your friends in all of our locations.

Modern day casinos in Ireland

Casinos in modern day Ireland always aim to adapt and improve, while maintaining the history and appeal of casinos of the past. 

With casinos in several cities and towns across Ireland, there are some great options for you to choose from. Gambling continues to grow, expand and improve across the country.

Where to gamble in Ireland today

At Premier Casinos, we aim to give our customers the best experience possible. This includes comfortable playing and a friendly service experience. 

With locations in Kerry, Cork and Dublin, make sure you check out or establishments in your area. 

With an array of games to choose from, you will not be short of options or entertainment.

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