Gambling in Ireland is something that has attracted the interest among people up and down the country. With so many great places to play roulette, slot machines and other casino games, you will not be short of options. 

Many people who gamble will have their own strategies, rituals and habits when it comes to playing. Some of these can be entirely based on luck or superstition, while others may have some method behind them. 

For people playing in the likes of Cork, Dublin or Kerry, getting your own strategy or system could improve your playing experience. 

One popular system that casino lovers all across the world often deploy is The Martingale System. This is a method of gambling that can be used across a variety of different casino games. 

What is the Martingale System?

The Martingale System is one that was introduced sometime in the 18th century. It is a betting strategy used by players in order to improve their chances of being successful within various casino games. 

The Martingale system is one that focuses on progression. This means that with each bet you make, stakes will differ based on the previous outcome of the round. 

The aim of the Martingale System is not to generate huge winnings but to prioritise profit. This means that using the strategy may not get you big, one-off prizes but steady success. 

Using the Martingale System also aims to provide players with less losing experiences. This means you can overall have a more enjoyable time when gaming when using this strategy.

How the Martingale System works

As mentioned, the aim of the Martingale System is to promote steady profit and decrease the impacts of losses. 

Within this system, you are going to be using odds that pay out at even money, or 1:1. 

For the sake of this explanation, roulette will be used as an example. However, this system can be used for other casino experiences as well. 

First of all, it is a good idea to start small when it comes to your wagers. This means that in the event you lose a round, it can make recovering your losses easier. 

Say for your first bet, you choose to put €5 on black. The result of the round is that the ball landed on red. 

This means that because you lost, you want to double that bet for the next round. So you would then bet €10. 

If this round loses as well, then you will once again double your stake to €20. 

Even though you have lost €15 in the opening two rounds, a winning third round would see you win €40, earning a €5 profit (as well as your original stake back). 

You would then place the amount of the profit you won on the next round. In this instance, it would be €5. 

The process behind this means that as long as you can cover your losses, all it will take is one winning round for you to earn profit.

Games you can use the Martingale System for

The Martingale System is not limited to one particular casino game or style. It is something that you could potentially use among the various different ways you gamble. 

This means it is a great option for people who love variety in their playing. 

Some of the games you can use the Martingale System for include:


Roulette is potentially the most popular casino game in which this betting system is deployed. 

When playing roulette, there are plenty of even money options to choose from when using the Martingale Strategy. For example, you could opt for black/red, odds/evens, high/low. 

If you are looking to play roulette in Ireland, then you can be sure to check out Premier Casinos. With a range of roulette tables to play on, this gives you a great chance to try out the Martingale betting system.


When playing blackjack, all winnings are paid out for even money (in exception to a natural blackjack). This means that it can be considered a viable option for the Martingale strategy. 

However, it is worth noting that the odds of a dealer having a blackjack can be quite high. It is understood that they boast about a 30% chance of having such a hand. 

This is conflicting with the Martingale System and is definitely something that players should take into consideration.


Baccarat is another casino game in which the Martingale System can be considered effective. Again, this is thanks to the fact that winnings are a simple 1:1 payout. 

One variable of using this system within Baccarat is the banker bet. This is due to the fact it includes a 5% commission off of a win. 

This means that the profit progression while playing Baccarat can differ slightly.

Sports Betting

You can even use the Martingale System in relation to sports betting if you wish. 

To use it in sports betting, you simply just have to find odds that are given at even money. From here, you deploy the same strategy, just going with different bets as opposed to through the rounds. 

This may be popular among the likes of football, rugby or boxing fans.

Pros and Cons of system

The Martingale System boasts both positive and negative aspects to players.

Pros of Martingale system

  • Simple to use and deploy
  • Applicable in many games
  • One round can recover losses
  • Rewards winning streaks well

Cons of Martingale system

  • No major one-round wins for profit
  • Losing streaks punished

So it is a system that is definitely worth considering for all casino players. This could be a strategy that suits your style of play, or one that doesn’t. 

However, either way, it is definitely worth trying out at least one time.

Casinos in Ireland

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