Everyone has their own superstitions in their life, as well as their own outlook on what luck is. 

Some people pay far more attention to these aspects of life than others. Opinions are often based on experiences, as well as the people whom they surround themselves with. 

Luck can at times be a vague concept and there is no real black and white answer as to what it is. However, it can still affect the lives of people on a daily basis. 

One of the areas in life in which luck can have a supposed significant impact is in gambling. There is a high chance that if you enter a casino, someone is going to be talking about how lucky or unlucky they feel. 

So what is the psychology regarding luck in gambling? What makes people feel lucky or unlucky, and what impact does luck really have? 

There are many variables when it comes to luck. However, here is a breakdown of the psychology of luck in gambling.

How much luck is in gambling?

It is commonly believed that gambling is all about luck. So if your luck is in you will succeed, and if not, you won’t. 

However, this is not the case when it comes to gambling. 

There are of course games where you don’t have much impact on the proceedings. This may include the likes of roulette. 

There is no way of telling where the ball will land and if your guess is going to be successful or not. So roulette may require some luck for players to be successful, making it an exciting and unpredictable play. 

Although, roulette is just one of many games you can play in the casino. 

When you look at other games such as blackjack and poker, these are games where you can really control your own luck. For example, if you choose to hit in blackjack when your hand is already at 20, then you would require a lot of luck to win. 

Poker also requires more skill than luck. It is definitely possible to improve your skill set in poker and increase your own chances of winning. 

When it comes to gambling, you can really decide how much of a role you want luck to play while enjoying a casino. 

If you want luck to take over more so, it is best to go with the likes of roulette or slot machines. If you are looking to have more of an impact on the result, then poker and blackjack may be the games for you. 

For anyone who is new to playing in casinos, it is a good idea to try out both kinds of games.

How people think they make their own luck

So can people make their own luck in life? There isn’t really a definite answer to that question. 

However, people can definitely do things that will make them feel more lucky. This is something that people all over the globe do every single day. 

For some people, this might seem insignificant and unnecessary. Although, you will find just as many people who are the complete opposite. 

There are lots of ways in which people can think they make their own luck. Some of the ways they can do this include:

Lucky charms

You probably wouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who carries around a form of lucky charm with them. This can especially be the case for people playing in casinos. 

Many people’s mind’s will immediately go to the classic lucky charms like a four leaf clover. Although, there are more natural and discrete charms that you can find. 

Jewellery can often be something that people associate a lot of luck with. For example, someone might have a lucky ring, necklace or pair of earrings. 

Sometimes, lucky charms can be a little bit more obscure. These items are often the result of an unusual period of luck, or a memorable occurrence in your life. 

Coins, feathers, hats, or anything. There are really no rules in regard to what you can choose as your lucky charm or not.

Rituals and routines

Another common sight that you may see in a casino is people performing their own routines or rituals. Again, these come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 

There are also some really common routines that you will see in a casino as people aim for a lucky round or game. Perhaps the best known example of this is people blowing or kissing on the dice when playing craps. 

Routines or rituals aren’t decided by any criteria or boundaries. This means you can make yours as discrete or as noticeable as you like. 

This is even something that is quite common in the sporting world. It is well known that some of the most famous athletes in the world have unique and often bizarre pre-game routines.


Superstitions definitely play a major role in the topic of luck. Even if you aren’t the biggest believer of luck, there is still a good chance you have a few superstitions of your own. 

Some of the most famous superstitions include the likes of:

  • Friday the 13th being an unlucky day
  • Walking under a ladder leads to bad luck
  • Knocking over a salt shaker can lead to bad luck

There are of course good luck superstitions too. For example, knocking on wood is a common one. 

This is something that is often commonly seen in a casino as well. 

Superstitions can often stem from past experiences in your life. This could mean that you have your very own superstition that might not make a lot of sense to another person.

Mindset and psychology of feeling lucky

Is it better to feel lucky? Although there is no guarantee of making yourself lucky, it is definitely good to feel as if you are in the mindset of being fortunate. 

When you feel lucky, it improves your confidence significantly. This is confidence you can draw from the aspects discussed above such as lucky charms and rituals. 

You may be more inclined to take positive leaps at things in your life when you are feeling lucky as well. This can apply to playing in a casino by having the confidence to hit in black jack, or trust your hand in poker. 

If there is anything you can do to make yourself feel lucky, you should definitely try and incorporate that into your daily life. This can be easily done, especially when you have a discrete lucky charm or ritual. 

When you are in a lucky mindset, you put yourself into the habit of creating chance opportunities for yourself. 

For example, if one day you feel unlucky due to something that has occurred, then you will likely limit your own chances of success that day.

How you can make yourself feel lucky

You can make yourself feel lucky in a number of different ways. 

A lot of people will focus their luck based on events that have happened to them previously in life. 

An example of how you can apply this to yourself is to think of a day where something really special or fortunate happened. From here, you can think of something you were wearing, something unusual you did that day or something you observed. 

This could include a certain piece of jewellery or clothing you were wearing, a different aspect of your morning routine you did that morning, or if you saw a certain kind of bird of token item. 

You can also attempt to make certain items your lucky charm too moving into the future. 

For example, wear certain watches or bring mementos with you to the casino. If you have a successful outing, then you can consider this item lucky. 

If having the item with you did not pose much success, then you might need to try something new.

The ideal mindset for gambling

So what kind of mindset should you be in when it comes to gambling? 

You want to be feeling as positive as possible. This will likely include feeling lucky for a lot of people. 

So make sure you do anything you can that might make you feel more lucky. Even if that means coming up with a ridiculous ritual or superstition. 

It is also important that your mindset is positive in other ways, too. 

For example, you will get the most enjoyment out of gambling if you go with the purpose of having fun. Try not to get overly caught up in the winning or losing and just enjoy the playing. 

There is so much quality within different casino games that the process of playing is just as enjoyable as the end result. 

You shouldn’t gamble if you are feeling stressed, or feel as if you are not in the right headspace.

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