Cork is Ireland’s largest county, and it boasts the third largest city on our island. It will come as no surprise that the self-proclaimed ‘real capital’ of Ireland is brimming with life and activity, and there are many reasons that make it one of our most popular tourist destinations.  

The population of Cork City is comfortably clear of two-hundred thousand people. Some 1.6 million tourists visited Leeside in 2019, and some of their reasons for doing so are listed below. 

Restaurants in Cork 

A quick look on Trip Advisor will tell you that some of Ireland’s premier restaurants are based in Cork. Some of the top choices for good food include Oliver Plunkett Street’s Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse, which also carries its own range of craft beers.

Right beside the famed English Market and using only meats and produce sourced by their neighbours, is the SpitJack, whose rotisserie brasserie is often mentioned as one of Cork’s finest eateries. 

Finally, catering to all diets, Cork offers plenty by way of vegan and vegetarian options. The River Club boast an extensive range of quality vegan food, as do the Haveli Indian Restaurant on Church St. 

Bars in Cork 

Anyone who has visited Cork will attest that the city is littered with famous pubs. The Mutton Lane Inn is believed to be among the oldest pubs on Leeside. A quintessential Irish tavern, low-lit and brimming with character, the Mutton Lane Inn is steeped in the city’s history. 

Coughlan’s, the Oliver Plunkett and Sin É also stand among the most esteemed pubs in the city. Each offer the bonus of live music and huge atmospheres. 

Not to ignore the quality of pubs countywide, there are plenty of outstanding options further afield. DeBarra’s Folk Club in Clonakilty and Connolly’s of Leap are two of Cork’s most iconic bars and music venues, with over a hundred years of local history built up between them. 

Events in Cork 

The Cork Jazz Festival is one of the premier events on the Irish calendar and draws an enormous crowd into the city every October. The jazz trail around the centre brings major business to pubs and venues, and never fails to be listed as one of the best weekends the country has to offer. 

Cork boasts a variety of annual festivals, incorporating folk, film and one-off celebrations like the Wren Boys Street Carnival which takes place every December. Events take place in both the city centre and the surrounding towns, with the likes of Skibbereen and Clonakilty famed for their pop-up festivals. 

The Cork Opera House is one of the premier music venues in Ireland and it hosts a variety of international acts year-round. 

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